Wednesday, December 15, 2010

பூவில் பூச்சி

All images are taken in a single flower, but i asked his/her(therlingooo) to give different pose.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Village Touch-up

A small touch in village backdrop...

Romantic Place

Taken in my village, a place which is romantic for lovers, but for me :)

Bypass vehicle

This snap was taken in a silent bypass road between thanjore and pattukottai.U can see the village sand drop in the roads...

Guess where i taken this

While going in local train around 10 pm , there are tube light in the top-center where this insect was standing, Just imagine the photo with 180 degree rotation, Those who know about the local trains in Chennai can catch ...

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lonely leaf

A good snap to my thought.Aged are half dead...

Small color flower

A small flower which is not noticed by many of them as its not in the garden or in any flower exhibition .Thinks have respect by 2 aspects one is where it comes from, the other is where it exists...

Hunt of Ant

In my home town(thanjore) i got this snap ...

Man in Moon shadow

One fine night after seeing the glow of moon i went to top of mu building, as i did`t have SLR`s i could`t capture it well, but i tried my best to show off .Am sitting ahead of moon and took this picture

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sun in hands

A good posture of 2 hands handling sun from one to another

sunny birds

A lovely moments which i think am lucky to be in front of that occasion...

Rainbow shadow

Good time on a rainy day....

Bird in the hallow of sun

As a lazy person i wont get up early in the morning, but one day i wake up to take some snaps in top of my building, fortunately i got some good snaps...

Not love birds but birds that love

wonderful moments which is rare to click when we want to.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Droplets in an empty Train

On an October night during my travel from Thanjore to chengalpet. I booked my ticket in nagapatinam express which is specially arranged because for velankanni festival .Due to heavy storm more than 500 passengers missed the train.Am waiting in Thanjore station, the train reached, with empty compartments.I entered and visited all A/c couches which has no sign of humans...An unforgettable trip in an empty train...

Droplets in Train

This a a rainy day ,in a local train during my travel standing in footboard....

Droplets in Train

A cut short in the Local train .The stainless steel is the handle which you can see both sides near the doors.


In a small house in my village which was built without bricks, but with the system to save Rain Water. And this is one of the drop it saved..

Sunday, July 4, 2010

CTS zeal torch video : My first making

 Thanks for all who helped me in making this especially fisher and Ramkumar .This could not be possible without you guys. 

In a temple at 6pm(my favourite)

Flow of water my thought

This blog

This blog will have photos made from visuals .
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