Friday, December 28, 2012


This was a normal vertical snap taken on DMS,chennai. A speedlite is used to lit up the subject and the bike since the daylight was already gone (taken around 6 pm) . In post production by using Lightroom lens correction  and blacking out the top and bottom areas i created this 3D effect.

creative self portrait

I love to do creative stuff in photography( just in photography). Since am a all time available subject i just play with myself. This photo was taken when i was about to get out of software and to enter  photography. So i wanted to make this interpretation. Also i used to see many tamil movies where the horror movies taught me that the mirror shows the exact person within. Executed the concept.

Placed the camera canon 550D in tripod vertically with a speedlite bouncing up towards ceiling to create even lighting in the room. Taken 2 snaps with different dressing, then stitched in photoshop. Profesional was was also wearing shoes :) but i could make it all visible without affecting the concept.

creative self portrait

I started constantly thinking about doing something new. Got a thought of doing a photo where a subject is thinking with a opened box nearby to inter-prate the concept of out-off-the-box-thinking. After the thought i made a list of requirements :  A colorful plain T.shirt, neat shoes,blue jean ,a big box, white backdrop cloth. From the list i was just having blue jean and shoes. so it took some weeks to buy a white backdrop, plain red t.shirt. I couldn't get a box then i decided to photoshop it. Since its a white backdrop setup we can easily add elements. It nearly took a month to execute it because of the requirements and suganthan`s laziness (since i dont have a studio i need to assemble all lights backdrop and dissemble after shoot which will take 20 minutes each) In this interval i got some value addition to this concept like hitting the head with hammer in one side and mud is coming off in other side( once i got this thought i was really happy). Now 2 more requirements a hammer and some mud. I collected some mud in nearby locality( when am in search of mud,i couldn't get it easily, i was stunned with a thought where our world is going !!! ok lets back to concept) . I couldnt get hammer so  no option again photoshop.

Now all is set to photograph. I asked my brother to click the camera. Enough click was taken so i started doing my post processing work with photoshop, i added hammer, box and did color correction, but my hand was bit out of my shoulder, i mean it was not straight down my head, so i couldnt manage to add sand the falls straight from head, so no other option i had to do it again, the next day same setup,same sand .This time i took too many shots with different expression with hand straight down my head. Finally completed. Self portrait is bit tricky always,

Beauty of Nature

Its a beauty ok kinnakorai, a place i fortunately visited once.

Symbol of love

When there was a competition in my old office on feb 14th titled Love , i was trying to make a love symbol by equipments , some objects, at that time i noticed the symbol in peacock`s feather that too very vibrant.So i just played with my 50mm

50mm single light portrait

This was taken in T.nagar park. I went low to get this angle. A speedlite was placed  in left side of subject  at 1/8th power.

Low light portrait

Taken in mahindra city, chengalpat. Car was placed behind the subject with head lights on.One speedlit is lit from subjects right rise

Self portrait

I was bit crazy about Ties and suit( a formal getup). But i could just get a Tie.Suit may be in future. So i decided to take a formal snap. Since i wanted all the scene to lit with blue light, i decided to buy a blue Tie, a blue shirt and a Blue gel to fit in to my speedlite. And a black backdrop cloth. All set now one studio stobe light was placed in left with softbox, a speedlite (nissin) was placed in right( bit behind) with blue gell fitted in.I placed the camera in tripod , asked my brother to take some snaps. After starting post processing i found there was not enough light in face, but image was dramtic with blue lights. I tried to make up some photo by lightroom but couldnt be satisfied 100 %. So with same setup i arranged all items in my room, this tile with a silver reflector in front(30 degree ;eft from camera). Now i got some brightness in phase. Finally color correction done in lightroom

Day 3:

This time i wanted to play with lights so i placed my lights in different placed to create a low light effect.  Then i remembered some photos of yuvan shankar raja with smoke effects .So i too tried it with an item . Last image will reveal it.

Art of Adayar

Mixed color portrait

Blue squint

Specially made for Facebook cover photo.


Magic of ooty

All pictures were taken while coming via ooty from wayanad.All picture are taken in motion with high shutter speed. Color correction was done in lightroom

50mm Magic

Self portrait

Days of learning. I was quite impressed  with some back light photographs . What to wait for I have a beautiful camera camera 550D and a beauty lens 50mm 1.8. So I decided to give it a try . but I need a light to  keep at back of my head. I was having a flash but I cant keep it in remote place. Then I bought wireless trigger to fire my flash from a remote place(off-camera) . With this I also bought a tripod and a flash holder. After i just played.

A look from Besant nagar beach

This portrait is taken in besant nagar beach. This snap took me a very longer time to process, because while clicking i fail to notice the big street light in beach road which came in to picture that too above the head of subject.Removing it without affecting the picture was quite challenging.

Self portrait

Once I got my Flash Nissin D8166 mark II , I wanted to test it . So I tried by taking myself with a help of tripod. I used self timer in my SLR to take automatic shot. Once I took this I was happy with the way it turned out so I took nearly 200 photos with different poses and chosen this at the end .It was actually a horizontal snap, to avoid the distraction on both sides of the mirror I just cropped it .Then I made it into black and white, bit sharpened .Finally added sepia tint to create this color effect .All editing was done in Picasa.

First from my SLR

This is the first self portrait I took from my SLR. Nothing planned. Actually when I bought  the SLR I want to take a photo of it, since my digi cam was already dead , I thought of keeping the camera in front of the mirror to take a snap. This is what I attempted first when I saw a clean mirror in my friends home. 50mm works magic here especially for portraits. Then just like that I tried taking some snaps with me standing in front of mirror holding the camera and taken some snap some with camera in focus and some with me face in focus. Then I went ahead with the photo that has camera in focus.  Then while editing I casually tried black and white mode which stuck me. It was good but I felt it was like just another black/white snap so I added color just for my camera lens.

Record every moment of your life

Real self portrait

I myself taken this with a digi cam. The shadows revealed it clearly.

Citizen in EA

Taken in Express Avene

Splash photography

On my initial days with SLR, i wanted to play with it. After taking some rain droplets in street i thought of doing it in my room with artificial setup. Then i googled for some setup where i got even better ideas. First step i made a light box(took the box that i got with my TV with 3 closed sides and 2 open sides- top and front). Then i bought some charts in different color white, black, yellow and rose . Then went to market and bought a wine glass and a strawberry(I couldn't get one single piece since they sell only in boxes  for this single strawberry, so i ordered a juice and cajoled the shop owner for a single piece of strawberry). Also bought 2 100 watt mini tube lights( without much knowledge about lighting)

Low light portrait

One eve when am chatting with my friends i suddenly got this idea . Since i had camera with me that time thankfully i executed it I had one speedlite to lit one side face of the subject, then i made use of my friends 2 wheeler head light to lit up the other side.

A cool portrait

At the cliff of the mountain in ooty

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Life message

Human Interest

At the top of Rajagopalaswamy temple, mannargudi.

Human Interest

This was taken in chengalpat Kolavai Lake. I found this fisherman packing his net after a ride in lake.I suddenly thought of asking him for a pose.He did a great job with his Bedi.

Human Interest

In Kinnakorai,kunnur , I was in search of good landscape photographs where i found this man and he was very eager to be photographed.

Night life portrait

After a rainy day in T.nagar, i was roaming out at 11.30 pm. When i saw this scene i took out my 50mm 1.8 and tried my best to lit up .So i went down to widest aperture but i couldn't light the scene. Suddenly a car with its headlight on crossed .I made use of the car head light to give this photo a life.
One of my favourites.

Night Life

This was taken on the first week when i got my SLR. This is taken in sathya Bazaar in T.nagar around midnight 12.

candle light

Once i went to St.Thomas mount church with my friend to take some photographs when i was 1 month old with SLR . Though i took many photographs in that church place this was the one i liked the most.

Portrait style

At the top of the building around 7am morning i took this shoot. He is resting his hands on a Sintex water tank .

Window portrait

A simple window light portrait .Soft window light was coming from the right side of the subject. A flash is bounced up towards the ceiling to lit up the background for separation.

Never give up

Actually its a vertical snap.I went to chengalpat to take a outdoor portrait snap but was trapped in a place for nearly 2 hours due to rain .At that time I saw the struggle this snail faces in that hard rain, It fell down when it was hit by hard rain water. Again it started climbing but unfortunately it got fell down again. Again it started climbing !!! then quickly i took my camera out of my bag despite rain and took a snap to portrait its survival. If portrats can show the characteristic of a being, i believe its one among that. Never Give up !!! 

Team work

I was stunned by seeing this. On a rainy day some ants where taking this dead lizard. Ants were holding the lizard by its mouth.

Dragon fly

Beauty of 50mm

Wild care

This was taken in thada falls.

Smile speaks more than words

Documentary of a a Kid

I went for this little kid first birthday. Initially he was very hesitant to pose. Then i kept my camera aside and start playing with him. After some time i took all these candid moments of this little master. In the following serious you can see all kind of expressions.

First a Don:

Now Romantic Hero: