Friday, March 22, 2013

Self portrait retro...

I do portraits. What if am in early 80`s.

I just wanted to do something different, thats the motto, so i constantly used to think of some crazy self portrait ideas. One was in my mind months agooo, for i stopped shaving and haircutting for some time. In between i got some good ideas  which doesn't need this hair and beard, so i couldnt do that . Finally started thinking what i could do with this face in front of mirror.Got this idea but as like all my other works it also has requirments like shirt,pant,belt,slipper. Out of this slipper was easy to get( easy to afford actually).I even asked some of my friends like is it possible to get this old dress but nothing turned up. When i told this to my brother,he told me that there was one old abonded pant in old garage. I took that and checked if it could fit me but no, it was no way near my hip size, so i tightened it and fixed it by 2 clips backside:).For shirt i was looking for plain but when i was browsing in net i seen some stills in checked shirt with pockets on both side(not trendy though) with ful-hand folded once. Fortunately  there was one such shirt which i bought on college days but never weared it. Now all in place but belt???,i couldn't help so photoshoped:).Want to know where i got this belt from? Subramaniyapuram movie stills :)  Then i decided to cleanly depict that style by the tone, camera looking straight poses,hard look and the way background cloth had used.

Eyes do speak

Why Am caged and you are not ?. I cant speak, convey this through my eyes by your camera.


A good place to get lost in thoughts.

Hardship in Farm field

Hardship in Farm field. Weeks back had some time to get in to the field to capture this man`s daily life. Such a nice person

Classic colorless portrait

Biker boyz

High-Key light portrait

I let the sun blow from behind and used a silver reflector in front

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Back light portrait

Human Interest

One of the human invention to destroy human workforce. Its not easy to stand over there in that dust and clean those debris. And you know what he said when i was there photographing it , brother don't stand here this dust will create allergy.