Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Candid wedding {Murali + sujitha}

Couple portrait 

Groom portrait in style

Fun with groom friends and siblings...

The moment to cherish

Cute candid of kids and family friends...

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Self portrait

one of the toughest self portrait i took. I have this shot in mind without the bottom light, then i went on floor with lights. I have 2 Elinchrom 200 lights but still it doesnt give this kind of directional light, so i made a  large snoot with black chart for 2 lights. I closed every possible natural light coming in by doors and windows. This directional light will show off only in black background so pasted my black cloth in the wall. Finally with some smokes took this one. Bottom light is my speedlite which i added at last just to check but then i felt it adds something to the photograph so i kept it. And there is a remote in my hand which i cropped :)

Attitude speaks

One of my fav black and white shot...

A classic portrait

Monday, September 30, 2013

Tree`s can`t speak

Tree`s can`t speak, so we have to...

Happy Horse Rider.

Happy Horse Rider. It seems, as a KID we don't fear for doing something new. Unfortunately we had to grow.



A place near Murudeshwar temple, karnataka

Dark classic Portrait

Take my kiss...

Portrait in jog falls

Black and White portrait of my friend

Freezing monkey

Its freezing cold here, u .... man dont u have anything else to shoot 

Portrait shot in motion

Beard Self portrait

Kid portrait

wedding under the presence of our chief minister jayalalitha

Long exposure with flash

candles in aerial

Every small things around me looks beautiful.

portrait from lalbagh bsnglore

A portrait from little ray of light that came in-between tree branches. 

Koramangala bus-stand banglore

The no.of pigeon i saw here, never seen in my life before

on the fly

1...2...3 keep repeating till the final knock...