Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Fresh year to start

  Happy new year folks. Officially my photos are in AIR now. Am launching my website herewww.suganthanphotography.com. This website was completely designed by my friend vinoth kumar.  I decided to launch my website on 12am on Jan 1st 2013. But i wanted to convey it via a picture(i personally believe picture speaks more than words). So gave some food to thought and decided to make this concept that tells ,My photos are in AIR (i mean in web)with my state of happiness. I took all my hard copies of photos and went upstairs in my armaments. Placed lot of big towels down( since i don't want my photos scratched by hitting the floor) and placed the camera in tripod. But i couldn't do it as i thought. when i flipped my photos up it was flying and going to all other places and started getting spoiled. I couldn't bare that , so i decided to do with 10 photos each time and stitched some 6 photos together to make this.

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