Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Self control, which often takes our time to think in the name of Resolutions, Limits, Threshold, Diet, Fitness and lot more. Out of every 100 human being 5 % will not even bother about this, for them its all Today, 1% will get over it and succeed, the rest 94% will keep thinking about it.They keep on taking measures, BUT along with every measures they leave a Loop-Hole that has the capacity to spoil the entire effort. Saddest part is,we leave that Loop-Hope knowingly. I wanted to depict this in form of a picture, since i too fall under the category of 94%.

I don't believe in giving description to my photographs, but for this photograph, i am afraid it may not reach many.

Total hours taken : 14

- 1 hour for unpacking and packing the lights, cameras, backdrop and yea cleaning the room(toughest part)
- 1 hour of shoot
- 12 hours of editing

I was having this idea long back but due to unavailability of that white strap it got delayed .And also because of my laziness.Have to mention it. Last Friday i went to a hardware shop for official purpose where i saw the strap on display,instantly i asked for the price. Rs130 said the shopkeeper but unfortunately i was having only 80rs. Immediately i went to nearby ATM and took some money and purchased it. Then when i reach home i started setting up  the equipment for the shoot. After setting up 2 lights( one speed-lite and one studio strobe) i clicked a test shot for checking the lighting.After the first click my damn studio light got fired with a badddd smell(going to burn my wallet too) . So i was not having much option, straightway pointed my speed-lite towards me without any background light .Finally i bugged my brother to help clicking photos.

Behind the scene:

Since am very slim used that big sweater to show me a bit big :) but even that didn't helped me. Have to go to GYM.............................

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