Sunday, June 30, 2013

Self portrait with kick lights

After started doing wedding photography am not getting enough time to work on my personal photography, i couldn't go anywhere. Merely sitting in my home and working on wedding photos. Then i decided why not another self portrait since i can do it my room itself, but am sure i dont want it be same as any before. Since i have long hair and beard i decided to do a dark portrait with no front lights,so i oiled my face and hair well enough.I wanted to wear a black full hand shirt but i am not having one in black but in checked black & brown, but then i realized that since there is no light in front it will not show it off too much. I kept 2 lights behind me- one on left , another on right with softbox .I was tried keeping a reflector in front but it was giving some color and brightness to my face so i removed it. After taking the photo i felt lighting was ok but it was blank, so i decided to add coolers and a cigar to create a dramatic effect. I went out and bought one cigar(since am not going to use that i decided to go for a cheaper cigar, but after going to a tea stall i dono how to ask for a cheaper one in front of other customers, so i simply asked a scissor and he gave me one for 4rs.) . The bud was broken from cigar half way during the shoot since i was keeping in my mouth for long time and also my face and hands were oily, what to do,then i pasted it with tape and resumed the shoot. The problem is, i want the picture to be natural, but i dont smoke,later i decided one minute doesnt matter so i decided to lit it up, but my brother who was clicking the photo was not allowing me to do so. He was simply saying-- do u remember mukesh, ( if u dono mukesh go to nearest cinema theater, u will come to know who is mukesh before the movie starts). Also, i cant hide the smell from my parents (they are already suspecting that i starting drinking after seeing a win bottle in home which i got to make a photograph ) so i decided to take 2 photos and tried my best to make it out . Once the edit was over i was confused whether to go with colored one or black & white. Since i took some effort to make the cigar fire as natural i decided to go with color :)  Here i have attached both with some other photos i took during this shoot.

same version of black and white.

Another photo from the shoot

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