Saturday, January 4, 2014

Story behind Chess board

Wedding in a different style . Tried to incorporate some important aspects of a wedding via this chess board. 

CORPORATE : Soldier has to make the initial part of the move, without the move of soldier bigger powers are stagnant(though the have powers) .Soldier has the capacity to destroy the opposite king, but still when times are bad, he is first to layoff sorry to sacrifice.

CORPORATE : Soldier would move step by step with great struggle with the dream of being a bigger power.There is a time where he can promote into bigger power, but opposite forces works hard to kick him out, sadly for opp forces kicking him out is more important than any other personal moves.May be opp powers are afraid of the consequences. 

Items used : A chess board, crushed brown paper and a torch light to depict a soldier`s dream

Condition apply: Not done with the intention of affecting any personal souls

CORPORATE : Bench : They are out of the game, waiting for the next game to start... 
Didn't like waiting ? want to play all game long ? TRY to became a KING...

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