Friday, December 28, 2012

creative self portrait

I started constantly thinking about doing something new. Got a thought of doing a photo where a subject is thinking with a opened box nearby to inter-prate the concept of out-off-the-box-thinking. After the thought i made a list of requirements :  A colorful plain T.shirt, neat shoes,blue jean ,a big box, white backdrop cloth. From the list i was just having blue jean and shoes. so it took some weeks to buy a white backdrop, plain red t.shirt. I couldn't get a box then i decided to photoshop it. Since its a white backdrop setup we can easily add elements. It nearly took a month to execute it because of the requirements and suganthan`s laziness (since i dont have a studio i need to assemble all lights backdrop and dissemble after shoot which will take 20 minutes each) In this interval i got some value addition to this concept like hitting the head with hammer in one side and mud is coming off in other side( once i got this thought i was really happy). Now 2 more requirements a hammer and some mud. I collected some mud in nearby locality( when am in search of mud,i couldn't get it easily, i was stunned with a thought where our world is going !!! ok lets back to concept) . I couldnt get hammer so  no option again photoshop.

Now all is set to photograph. I asked my brother to click the camera. Enough click was taken so i started doing my post processing work with photoshop, i added hammer, box and did color correction, but my hand was bit out of my shoulder, i mean it was not straight down my head, so i couldnt manage to add sand the falls straight from head, so no other option i had to do it again, the next day same setup,same sand .This time i took too many shots with different expression with hand straight down my head. Finally completed. Self portrait is bit tricky always,

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