Friday, December 28, 2012

Self portrait

I was bit crazy about Ties and suit( a formal getup). But i could just get a Tie.Suit may be in future. So i decided to take a formal snap. Since i wanted all the scene to lit with blue light, i decided to buy a blue Tie, a blue shirt and a Blue gel to fit in to my speedlite. And a black backdrop cloth. All set now one studio stobe light was placed in left with softbox, a speedlite (nissin) was placed in right( bit behind) with blue gell fitted in.I placed the camera in tripod , asked my brother to take some snaps. After starting post processing i found there was not enough light in face, but image was dramtic with blue lights. I tried to make up some photo by lightroom but couldnt be satisfied 100 %. So with same setup i arranged all items in my room, this tile with a silver reflector in front(30 degree ;eft from camera). Now i got some brightness in phase. Finally color correction done in lightroom

Day 3:

This time i wanted to play with lights so i placed my lights in different placed to create a low light effect.  Then i remembered some photos of yuvan shankar raja with smoke effects .So i too tried it with an item . Last image will reveal it.

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